In the Gnostic M-Istery tradition, which forms the backdrop to the Rennes mystery, we find a belief in a winged, radiant and loving Good Serpent who was called ‘the Reconciler’, ‘the Deliverer’, the ‘Angel of the Dawn’ (i.e. the Morning Star), and, like Akh, was ‘the Spirit of All Knowledge’. His name is Nous or Chnoubis   Chnoubis therefore is an Egyptian Gnostic Solar icon, found most often on Gnostic gems and amulets for protection against poison and disease. It is a composite figure with the head of a lion and the body of a serpent, usually with seven rays emanating from the head, sometimes, with the twelve Zodiacal Signs.

Chnoubis is an aspect of the Gnostic Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, and is associated with Abraxas. Images of Chnoubis are most often found inscribed on Gnostic gems, small talismans made from semi-precious stone, that date from the first century onward.

 The lion’s head…

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The Young Ones: Witchcraft’s Glamorous New Practitioners — The Witching Hour

Remember after The Craft came out in the late 1990s? It seemed like half the teenage girls you met wanted to be witches. It was a bit silly but also kind of cool. Witches who’d started practicing in the 1980s, after writers and publishers started answering to the growing interest with books that aided the […]

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Shake all the bullshit off and transcend ; It’s time

I wanted to do a video post today about this crazy energy shift that we’re all feeling but that didn’t happen with all the craziness , in a house with five kids lol , so here I am at 11:30 pm finally sitting down to discuss it.  So , let me just dive right in and say there is so much going on energetically and cosmically , and everyone is feeling it. You do not need to be a witch to understand what is happening . If you’re an empath, you are really feeling it. Everyone is feeling like everything is falling apart. Old patterns are coming up, old ideas and thinking are coming up as well. People feel like they’re losing their minds. People are leaving their jobs, relationships, situations, and all that no longer serves you, for your higher good. Now, some might not even have realized that this is what’s going on. They probably just feel like it’s one thing after the other and that these decisions are the ones that seemed like the best at the time or they had no choice but to make those changes. But energetically, and cosmically , there is a huge, higher meaning to everything that is transpiring . There is a trine happening right now, between , Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Now, with this trine happening, it is pulling everything to the surface. Making the subconscious, conscious. This is happening to everyone, not just those signs. There is a full moon on Tuesday, which is in Sagittarius ….this is another huge factor in purging ourselves of the bullshit. Full moons are a time of illumination when we are asked to deal with what is in front of us and not run for cover any longer. It is a time for truth and to start a new path and leave the past behind. In numerology this is the year of 11….the gateway, transformation and manifestation. My gawd, if that wasn’t enough to get your attention, also, with all the crazy energy being pulled to the surface, there is something exciting going on  that I have noticed and a few of my friends have noticed it as well…. The Goddesses that are rising during this time…. They are without a doubt making themselves known.  Kali, Oya, and Pele ! Let me tell you just a little bit about these goddesses, they do not fuck around.  Kali, the hindu goddess of creation, destruction, and power. Oya, the african goddess of storms and wind. Her name means ” she who tore “. She brings about sudden structural change in people and things.  Pele, is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanos. Do you remember recently the volcano that erupted in Hawaii ? Bet your ass that was Pele…. these goddesses are not fucking around. Ask the Hawaiian people and they will tell you just how powerful Pele is. The shift is happening whether you like it or not. If you fight it, it’ll only be more harsh for you. The storm will pick you up over and over again and rip you to shreds , until you’ve said, “enough !”, stripping you bare and raw and making you see your truth… and face yourself. You are left with YOU, YOURSELF, YOUR SHADOW.  They are basically telling us, face all your shit and move the fuck on. Shake all the bullshit off and transcend ; its time. These goddesses take no bullshit. They are saying, “take the mask off when you speak to me , or i’ll take it off for you.” This is all a time of being completely raw and authentic with ourselves, and healing old traumas and just all around all old bullshit that no longer serves us. Even though all this feels harsh as fuck, it is for your higher good. 

Now that I’ve told you all that crazy cosmic shit, I can’t just leave it at that without giving you some tips on how you can get through this challenging time . Below I will post a list of some things you can do that should help the energy around you and in your environment and help make things just a little more peaceful and calm. 

  • Wash your floors and doors with Pine-sole. You might laugh or even roll your eyes , but Pine-sole has real pine in it. And pine is purifying as fuck. It works like a charm, no bullshit. My house was feeling heavy for weeks, and I saged it and used palo santo several times, actually, daily and not much was changing. Finally it hit me, I needed to cleanse the house with pine. There was a significant change in the energy immediately .  
  • Diffuse. If you have a diffuser  and essential oils, use them. I suggest using lemon, orange or any citrus blend you like. Peppermint, rosemary, frankincense , lavender are good ones too. They help lift the mood or calm the mood when needed. If you don’t have a diffuser you can boil oranges, or orange peel with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla on the stove and it’ll make your whole house smell amazing….that blend will instantly bring a happier feel to the house. 
  • Salt baths. Sea salt…not table salt, you’ll burn your ass lol. Or you can use epsom salts too. Salt baths help to remove negative energy and help you feel more balanced. You could even add some essential oils to your bath too….calming ones ,like lavender
  • Meditate and ground yourself. During these times you should be doing this daily if you can. 
  • Reiki. Smooth chaotic energy. Heal. 
  • Cry it out. Allow yourself to feel. No more stuffing shit down and trying to deal with it later. Deal with it now. 
  • Sleep. Take naps. Learn to be still when it’s all too much.
  • Light candles. White for purity and cleansing. Black to get rid of negativity. red or pink for self love. blue or green for healing. Ask your guides, your guardians, your angels, to help you. To give you guidance. To give you peace and clarity if you need it.
  • Most importantly…. take care of yourself ! Seriously. Eat better food. Exercise, get out in nature. Get a massage or go dancing. Do something thats just for you, whatever that may be. This will shift the energy to a more positive one.   *** Even though these seem like just simple mundane things, they,  if practiced will make a difference and help get you through these times by shifting the energy in your favor. Just remember,  shake all the bullshit off and transcend; it’s time. Blessings to you all.

I am free to be my True Self. My life is mine. — Love it Now

White, the element Metal “Everything is changing, and I’ve been here for too long. Going through the same things (…) got to move on.” If the element Metal could express itself in two sentences then probably it would use the words of Sigma. Transformation and letting go is its core. Dying and not-knowing (what next) […]

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