What are we but a blink of a moment in time

This week’s Discover Challenge, inspired by Ann Cavitt Fisher’s “The Train,” asks you to focus on a chance encounter.

via Chance Encounter — The Daily Post

” What are we but a blink of a moment in time…How lucky we are to be here… How lucky we are to have met.  ” ~ Him ♡

This article touched on a string in my heart.  Are there such things as “chance encounters”,   or are they accumulations of frequencies,  vibrations , being matched …. serendipitous moments possibly …. that only the ones who stop to pay attention are lucky enough to notice … a chance encounter. .. what an auspicious occasion to come across  HIM …. with all the people we come in contact with everyday….and simply don’t pay no mind to… Out of the vastness of the universe,  him and I  noticed eachother… as if we were standing still and everyone around us still moving about vigorously. … we noticed eachother… like a candle in the dark… there he was … standing out…taking my sight … all I could see was him.

Since meeting him, I find myself smiling for no reason …. feeling giddy inside… and daydreaming of him. I can honestly say. .. that as old as I am…. and everything I’ve been through…. all the people I’ve met… all the people I’ve been with or wanted to be with…. I have  n e v e r  experienced anything like this…. this… is the rabbit hole I’ve longed to find… to fall down and discover the beauty that lies beneath. … I am falling…. my stomach , the feeling of falling…. sick with butterflies … my breath taken from me… I literally cover my mouth and laugh to myself and then think, what the hell is happening to me ….

He is so incredibly beautiful. .. not just the outside. .. which of course, he’s absolutely breathtaking. .. but even more so, what I am finding on the inside of him…. an almost matching child like curiosity as me… a knowing I can’t explain but greatly intriguing. .. a other worldliness about him that pulls at my spirit and attracts like a moth to a flame….  also a bit of darkness… sadness… that I just want to gently take into my  hands … study this molecule of his heart…. hold it in my hands …transmute into the most beautiful, bright molecule that has transpired since our meeting …plant in my garden… nuture.. water with my love ….and show him the incredible magickal beauty that is him…. don’t misunderstand me… I’m not talking about trying to fix him…. he’s not broken…. I want to show him the beautiful light that he is, that illuminates this heart of mine… like a mirror. … I want to reflect back to him the love that he is…

He has awakened something inside of me I can’t quite explain. … it has taken over me… it has changed me…  these emotions have engulfed me…. it has lit a fire within me to pursue this beauty in front of me …  that I have to go after…. I can not let him pass me by … everything inside me is screaming to pay attention to what has been brought to me … or that I have been blessed to have cross my path in this life ….  I ache to see his face in person… to touch his skin… to look him in the eye and smile… to hear his laugh….

A chance encounter …. serendipity

Or something so much bigger than that ? My spirit gives me the feeling that I’m on to something and I can not ignore it …. and I don’t want to…

“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”
Emery Allen


Chance Encounter


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